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1st January 2020

12:01am: Friends Only
This journal is friends only.

5th November 2006

10:55am: Oh, goody ...
Check out the Seattle weather forecast for the up coming week ... good thing I have rain gear! O.O!
Current Mood: soon to be REALLY wet!

8th October 2006

11:14am: New posts are up
At my other blog. Only four today ... I've been busy this week at work, and putting in some over time (for example, on Friday I started at 7:30 AM and went home at 7:00 PM).

I'm tired ... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Current Mood: tired

2nd October 2006

5:08pm: Gunman storms school, kills girls
Earlier today, an armed gunman stormed a one room Amish school, killing three girls and leaving eight others in critical condition, before killing himself.
No real motive is known at this time, other than he may have had some kind of general grudge against girls, nor is it known why he chose this particular school in rural Pennsylvania, other than it was close to his home.
My heart goes out to the Amish people, and to the family of the man who committed this heinous act.

Cross posted at my other blog.
Current Mood: shocked

22nd July 2006

10:06pm: U.S. troops clash with Shiite militiamen
U.S. troops clashed with Shiite militiamen south of Baghdad on Saturday in a three-hour gunbattle in which 15 gunmen and an Iraqi soldier were killed, U.S. officials and Iraqis said.

It appeared the battle was part of a systematic campaign against the militia of radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, blamed for much of the sectarian violence sweeping the country.

Sheik Jalil al-Nouri, an aide to al-Sadr, said U.S. troops attacked the cleric's local office in Musayyib and killed 14 of his followers.

A friend of mine likes to say, "Don't bring a knife to a gun battle!".

If you're gonna shoot at us, we're gonna kill you! And we'll keep doing it until you learn the lesson, dumb ass.
Current Mood: determined

27th May 2006

7:17am: Memorial Day events
Here's what's happening in Seattle. What's going on in your neck of the world?
Current Mood: awake
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